The face should appear natural and radiant; and should still have expression and movement.


Chemical peels are useful for improving the texture and quality of the skin as well as for reducing acne scarring, …read more

fine lines and pigmentation. We offer and customise various treatments in order to offer you the best peel for your skin concern. Some peels may result in mild or no flaking and others in more robust peeling. The amount of peeling is not a specific indicator of the success of the peel. Many of the ingredients in the peels work at a deeper level and can effect positive changes in the skin without dramatic peeling.

Skintech Easy Phytic Peel
This is a gentle, non-sensitising peel and is perfect for first-timers, those with an impaired skin barrier, those on Roaccutane and during pregnancy. It has no down-time or active peeling and can initially be done once a week to condition the skin. Maintenance peels can be done monthly.

Skintech Easy Droxy Peel
This combination peel is our ‘red-carpet’ peel and is ideal to do 2 or 3 days before an event. It gives the skin a beautiful glow and is good for dull skin, melasma, photodamage and pigmentation. There is no active peeling or down-time and the peel can initially be done weekly and then monthly as a maintenance treatment.

Neostrata Glycolic Acid Peel
This classic Glycolic acid peel is good for gently resurfacing the skin, anti-ageing, pigmentation, acne and barrier repair. It is more intense than the Easy Phytic peel and is only minimally uncomfortable with limited flaking of the skin. It can be done monthly as a maintenance peel.

Skinceuticals Pigment Balancing Peel
This peel penetrates the skin more deeply than a pure glycolic solution and contains brightening and anti-inflammatory agents to treat hyperpigmentation, photodamaged skin and acne. The skin will have a lovely glow afterwards and the peel usually only results in mild flaking.

Neostrata Retinol Peel
The Retinol peel is medium to deep in action and is ideal for treating acne, as well as general ageing and pigmentation. It increases cell turnover and epidermal repair. The peel is not uncomfortable, but there may be flaking and increased sensitivity for 7 to 10 days afterwards. It can be repeated after 6 weeks and a course of 4 peels a year is ideal.

Skinceuticals Advanced Corrective Peel
This medium to deep peel is good for refining the pores and texture of the skin and for discolouration improvement. It may sting and itch while being applied and there will probably be some peeling and flaking afterwards. It can be done monthly, and a course of 2 to 4 peels is advised.

Skintech Easy TCA Pain Control peel
This TCA (Trichloracetic Acid) peel is combined with Phenol to give you quite dramatic results with less discomfort and down-time than a regular TCA peel. It targets deep pigmentation and can also improve fine lines and scarring.

The skin may peel quite dramatically from day 3 to 7, but the peeling is usually not so severe that it limits social interactions.


Permanent make-up is available for the brows, eyeliner and lips. It is not the same as the older generation …read more

make-up tattoos, but is applied with a high-speed precision pen, that accurately delivers the pigment to the desired area and depth.

We use natural pigment particles in a suspension of distilled water and the result is beautiful around-the-clock make-up with no risk of the colour changing or becoming fuzzy. The colour fades gently after 5 to 8 years.

The procedure is not very painful as we apply a medically formulated anaesthetic cream and the recovery time is 7 to 10 days.


At Restore we offer facials from the Exuviance and Skinceuticals skincare ranges. Each facial is …read more

tailor-made to your specific skincare needs and includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation, massage, a mask, moisturiser and sunscreen. You can add a peel to your facial for even better results.


Therapeutic massage is used to achieve beneficial structural changes in the body to provide relaxation, …read more

reduce muscle tension, anxiety and stress, increase energy, circulation and lymph flow and enhance tissue healing.

Deep tissue techniques, cupping and aromatherapy oils and wraps are tailored to the individual and are used over a course of treatments to achieve your personal health goals.


DermapenMD is a medical skin micro-needling device that boosts skin rejuvenation and treats scarring and …read more

pigmentation by stimulating your skin’s own collagen and growth factors. 3 to 4 treatments a year will keep your skin healthy and glowing. More regular treatments may be needed to treat specific concerns.

A powerful local anaesthetic cream is applied to reduce discomfort and the skin may be red for a day or 2 after the treatment. It may be combined with mesotherapy, PRP or certain peels for even better results and in some cases less downtime.

The skin will be glowing within about 5 days and the results are most evident 5 to 6 weeks later.


A range of regular beauty services such as waxing, manicures, pedicures and gel nails are available …read more

to keep you looking your best.
 Tracey believes in a holistic, restorative approach to wellness and anti-aging and enjoys the journey of finding a unique solution for the individual patient. 

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