Dr Xenephin Ludick
Owner and in-house doctor

Dr Xenephin Ludick is the founder of Restore Advanced Medical Aesthetics.

As an expert in injectable anti-ageing solutions, dietary supplements, obesity management and skin peels, Dr Ludick has a vested interest in the growth of the aesthetic medicine industry in both South Africa and the world. He is a strong advocate for the more natural-looking result-driven approaches. This is why his treatments are tailor-made.

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Shantélle is our medical therapist with a special interest in skincare. Throughout her studies, she had one goal in mind, aesthetics. The science behind the why and the how of skin concerns and conditions fascinates her.

She is goal driven and has a caring heart and believes that this combination of qualities is what drives her to creating the ultimate and unique skincare journey with each and every one walking through the practice’s door.

She often consults with the rest of the team to improve treatment plans, take the practice to new heights or simply ensuring that standards are kept, and each patient gets the ultimate experience.




Janine is our Practice Manager and has been in the medical industry for 10 years and knows the A-Z for making sure front of house runs smooth.

Janine is the first person you encounter, whether it is in person when you visit us at the practice or over the telephone when making an enquiry or booking.

Janine herself is filled with experience and information she gathered over the years and is always happy to answer your questions. Her knowledge on our medical weight loss program, Slender Wonder is also extensive, and she is more than happy to assist you on your weight loss journey.

She has a heart of gold and takes pride in her work.


Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom

- Albert Einstein