Advanced training facility:

The Restore Advanced Training Curriculum is aimed at providing in depth, up to date, full circle training to Medical Aesthetics Practitioners of all skill levels. Each module will be aimed at a deep dive into the given topics that will elevate any injector with a hunger to learn more. Again, we offer IN DEPTH training.
A large portion of the curriculum will be aimed at Skill and Technique development, including live patient treatments done by both Trainer and Trainees. Both ON LABEL and OFF LABEL treatments will be discussed and executed.
All modules will have no less than two separate sessions. Session lengths will vary depending on Module.
The first session will include theory, science and live treatments by the Trainer and Trainee
The second (and potential further sessions) will be aimed mainly at case studies of on-site, real-life patients and immediate live treatments. In other words, it’s a day of assessing and injecting patients together, to evolve your skill level rapidly, accurately and safely. Time will also be allocated for any further questions on theory/science.
Starter and advanced series are available. Advanced series only available to injectors with at least 2 years’ experience or candidates who have completed the basic series. No time will be spent on basic principles. This is a master injector series. (NB: If cannula skill is low, kindly advise us by ticking appropriate box upon registration, as we will assist in upskilling of cannula work).
Starter and Advanced Toxin
Starter and Advanced Filler
Starter and Advanced Bio-stimulator
Starter and Advanced Threads
Starter full package (includes all starter modules)
Advanced full package (includes all advanced modules)
Please feel free to contact Restore advanced training facility for more information.
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