Threads are suture-like strings inserted under the skin to provide support and collagen production to the tissue. New-generation threads are 100% absorbable and disappear after a few months. The residual result is then created by the collagen production of the body. Read More


Threads are often marketed as a “non-surgical facelift”. It is important to understand that threads and facelifts are not the same, and neither do they do the same. Surgery removes excess skin whilst creating collagen under the skin via scarring to produce an effect that can last many years. Threads cannot remove excess skin but rather endeavour to lift the underlying tissue to achieve a lift.

Threads are made of different substances that work in slightly different ways. They also come in different shapes and sizes.

It is important to understand that threads do not replace the structural reconstruction of fillers. We usually use them together. Marketing of threads is often aimed at promoting an immediate result. This is, unfortunately, not the norm. The result is produced by the absorption of the thread and the ensuing collagen production.  


1Is it painful?
When done correctly, threads are quite tolerable. At times, we use a local anaesthetic to assist with discomfort.
2How often should threads be done?
This will depend on the type of and amount of threads used. The more are inserted, the better and longer lasting the result. Threads can be done anytime from 3 – 18 months.
3What is the cost?
Cost also depends on the amount and type inserted. So you can expect anything from R3000 to R35,000. However, consultation remains critical.
4What can I expect after the procedure?
Some patients have small bruises that subside. Some have small indentations in the skin (dimples) that settle after 3-7 days, and most feel a mild tightness for a day or two. Depending on the type of thread used, the patient, and the skill of the physician, some patients have zero downtime. Most patients will go on with their lives immediately.
5What are the aftercare rules?
Depending on the procedure done, we suggest no exercise for 48 hours, no submerging the face in the water for that same day, and no excessive rubbing of the face.


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- Joyce Sunada